Friday, March 28, 2008

So Much Drama

I am backstage right now, somewhere in the middle of act two scene three, and everyone is eating trail mix. I had a couple fish tacos with my parents before the show, and Reed and I are planning on getting some pita pit inside our bellies after the show, so I am staying away from the trail mix.

I'm glad that my parents came up today to see the play. I guess it just shows that they love me if they're willing to drive a total of fourteen hours in two days to see me act in a jane Austen play. What great parents I have. Or, "great parents, you have," in Yoda speak.

Act three is coming up. Better go.

1 comment:

Lola Marie said...

You were great in the Jane Austen play. I have been meaning to tell you that. Great job, cousin!