Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'm Kind Of Busy

Ever since I've come back from Spring Break, I've been busy.

I knew that this week was going to be hectic because of the play, but I didn't realize how tired I would be.  Having Wade here was great too.  I wish I could have hung out with him more than I did, but the play wouldn't let me.

Here's a list of fun things that Wade and I were able to do while he was here though; play basketball at the Rec center, watch a movie with friends, go out to dinner, eat breakfast at the Honker with Kenton, and talk.  It was all great, and it reminded of me of the time when he was here all the time.  If I move to Portland, that may be one of the main reasons...

Tonight was opening night of Pride & Prejudice, and I play the part of Mr. Bennett, the cynical, and yet loving, father of three girls.  I can see a little of myself in  Mr. Bennett, except for whole wife and children thing.  Anyways, tonight went well, and I was proud.  My parents will be there tomorrow, and you should too.  I might try to post a new blog from backstage during act two, who knows.

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