Monday, March 10, 2008

Common Moments Best Left Unspoken

Some of the best moments that can be shared between people are those that take place after life-changing events.  When people share these moments together, the kind of moments that you will never forget, it brings about a level of closeness that can be experienced nowhere else.  The connection is made when the group of people is leaving this moment, coming out on the other side of the challenge or trial, and they take the time to share silent reflection.

I have experienced this several times.  When I was a teenager and my dad owned a boat, we would spend hours on the lake or river as a family.  Even though I had a great time riding in the inner-tubes and swimming, the best part of the day was always the drive back to the dock.  If we were on the Willamette river, we might have driven far up river, several miles away from our truck, and it would take fifteen minutes to drive back to the loading area.  During this time, we would wrap our wet legs in beach towels and face forward, letting the wind dry our hair.  As we let the setting sun soak our backs, we would silently share everything with each other.  In my mind, I told my parents that I was happy for the way they raised me at the end of every boating trip.  I told my brother how glad I was that we had each other to rely on.  My parents would tell both of us that they were proud of us, that they would be proud of us no matter what we grew up to do, but they would say it without sound.

I also felt this on the way to my friend's mother's funeral.  The drive to the cemetery took close to 30 minutes.  And although the car was void of talking the entire way, I couldn't imagine being anywhere else at the moment.  As I looked out at the expansive fields of yellow wheat and grain that made up most of the scenery on the way, I drew comfort from the fact that I wasn't alone in how I felt.  Words weren't necessary to create the bond in that moment, and I will never forget it.

Driving home after saying goodbye to a good friend at the airport, watching the news with classmates as two towers collapse, or simply walking from the chapel to your cabin at church camp after an amazing time of worship.  These are the moments that affect lives, that have affected my life.  The closest connections can be made through shared experiences, whether they are happy, or sad, trying, or comforting.  No matter what they are, they are meaningful, and I will never forget them.  I hope sometime this week you can take the time to remember moments like these that have changed your life, and the people that were there throughout it all.

These moments wouldn't exist without those people.


Anonymous said...

wow man.
powerful and beautiful observations. Riding in a boat. Driving to a funeral--great snapshots of moments like those.

wade said...

Chris I just had a similar moment at our guys Bible study...I'm right with you, those truly real experiences that cannot be replaced.

i am Ryan said...

chris, I think those moments are the best. the moments when all the mess in your head recedes and you are left with just yourself, in a quiet moment of reflection. You want the moment to last a lifetime, but they are so fleeting. I'm glad that you cherish those moments.