Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What I Want You To Understand

Children born in love.  Parents caring for their children.  Men hold doors for their wives. People offer spots in line. Teachers reach out to students.  Parents discipline in love. Brothers stand up for brothers. Sisters share with sisters. Groceries are bagged carefully. The dishes are done. A debt is forgotten. A mother makes lunch the night before. A father picks the kids up. The kids don't keep score. Music is made and played. Grace is given. The truth is told. Forgiveness is given. A fallen snocone is replaced. A kid's shoe is tied again. The blanket is shared. The heat is turned on in the winter. Windows are rolled down in the summer. A friend is asleep on your couch. The coffee is already made. A shift is picked up. A round is bought. A smile is given. Fear is replaced with warmth. Welcome mats in front of doors. Handwritten letters. A heartfelt apology is made. The wisdom of a grandfather. A living future. A surprise party is thrown. Sentimental gifts are given. Spring rains fall.  A boy on his bike. A ride home. A teacher is lenient. Delivered meals in a time of need. The comfort of trust. A close hug. The passage of time. The bills are paid.  The lawn is mowed. A note on the fridge. The grasp of two hands. Laughing together. Gathering at holidays. Plane tickets are bought. Questions are asked. Ears are open. Staying up late. Waiting for a call. Grabbing two straws. A ticket is paid for. Grievances are forgotten. Simple words are spoken. A clean house. A drive through the country. The softness of skin. Perfume is worn. Staying past visiting hours. Walking in the dark. Offering a seat. Returning what's been lost. Beautiful pictures. Finding the dance floor. Emotional release. Knowing glances. Favors are returned. The right words are said. Intentions are pure. Reaching out. Purses are held. A reservation is made. Shame is erased. A phone call to Mother. Answers are found together. Counting the stars. Making grass whistles. Get well soon. Thinking of you. You're in my heart. I hope this letter finds you well. Sincerely yours. Best wishes. With love from me to you.