Thursday, July 31, 2008

This Is Why I'm Hot

I saw this question posed on the internet recently.

You have a child that is born deaf.  When your child turns 16, they receive implants that allow them to hear.  What is the first song that you play for your child?

I have spent a lot of time thinking about this question, and I still don't know if I have a clear answer.  Several of my favorite songs immediately came into my head, but I just don't think they would be appropriate for the first song ever heard by my child.  One song I considered was Straralfur by Sigur Ros.  It is a beautiful song, and it gives me the shivers every time I listen to it.  And yet, I believe my child would be confused by the language of the lead singer.  I also thought about some important classical music, but I wouldn't want this to be a history lesson.  I don't want to sit down with my child right away and say, "alright son/daughter, this is everything you missed out on while you were deaf."  It has to be more than that.

And so I searched for passion.  A song that makes you connect with the musicians and singer and understand their love/struggle/pain/growth.  Something that makes you hear the music, and realize it's completeness, and yet desire more when it's over.  And something that is just plain aesthetically pleasing to the ears.

Therefore, I've narrowed it down to four songs.  Don't make me choose between these four, please.
The Whaler by Thrice.
Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova.
Blackbird by The Beatles.
And Amazing Grace sung by Aretha Franklin.
Hate me all you want, but I really feel like these songs would be amazing to hear before any others.

I also can just imagine sitting with my child listening to these songs together.  It would be like the scene from Once when father and son are listening to one of the son's songs for the first time.  When it's over, there's a moment of silence, and finally the father says, "It's brilliant. Now play it again."

This is why I love music.
This is why I want to learn how to play guitar.
This is why I want to be a father.
This is why I et cetera, et cetera.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Bustomer Case

Top 10 Questions Asked By Spicer Bros. Customers:

10.  What time do you close?
9.  Where are the bags?
8.  Will you donate produce to my charity/event?
7.  What do you do with the bad produce?
6.  How much does this watermelon weigh?
5.  Could you pick me out a good watermelon?
4.  When will you have local corn?
3.  Do you have local strawberries?
2. Where Are these tomatoes from?
1.  Are these tomatoes safe?

10.  Seven.
9.  In the basket right over there.
8.  No, we already donate to the food bank at the local Nazarene church.
7.  We give it to the pigs.
6.  About 20 lbs.
5.  Yes.
4.  It could be tomorrow, or two weeks from now.  No one knows for sure.
3.  You just missed them.  We had them during June.
2.  Mexico, California, and Canada.
1.  We wouldn't sell you bad tomatoes.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I Trained a Bull in Puerto Rico to Kill a Man

I'm restless.

I don't know why.  But if I had to attribute it to something, here is a list.

I don't do much when I'm stuck at home in this basement.

There really are too many books and too little time.

All this looking at apartments makes me want to move NOW.

Norway is a long distance from here.

My dad and I are on different wave-lengths.

I can't talk to my dad about anything that isn't superficial.

I can't talk to my dad without feeling either a.) guilty b.)irresponsible c.) immature d.)misunderstood.

I can't measure up to my dad's expectations of me.

I am living in the same house and working at the same job I was before ever going to college.

Temptation has been really bringing me down lately.

I work all the time.

I drive everywhere.

I have too many friends here to move to Idaho.

I have too many friends there to not move to Idaho.

I feel tied down by the responsibility that comes with every paycheck.

I am going nowhere.

I am going everywhere.

I don't know where I'm going.

And yet, in the midst of this burden, I feel the presence of an almighty God working in my life.  This restlessness is most likely attributed to a battle between control and surrender, guilt and redemption, lust and love, and justice and grace.  

My prayer: Oh dear God, help me, I'm crying out to You. I can't do this on my own, and yet I keep trying.  Release me of self and fill me with Truth.  Trade this restlessness for peace.  Peace in a broken heart and soul, I beg of you.  Give me joy that cannot be contained.  Let me spill over into the lives of those around.  Let them see that my life is for a higher calling, to be a servant of the Most High.  Erase my thoughts contrary to Your spirit, do away with my selfish actions.  Let everything I do shine a light on You.  Please, Lord, let everything I bring to You be an offering of my soul, my love and thankfulness for the work You've done in my life.  See that what I bring to You is not worthy to be considered, but it is my hardest work, the best I can do, everything I have laid out before You unconditionally.  I want nothing more than to praise Your Majesty and dwell within the depths of Your love forever.  This is my prayer.  This is all of me.