Monday, July 14, 2008

Bustomer Case

Top 10 Questions Asked By Spicer Bros. Customers:

10.  What time do you close?
9.  Where are the bags?
8.  Will you donate produce to my charity/event?
7.  What do you do with the bad produce?
6.  How much does this watermelon weigh?
5.  Could you pick me out a good watermelon?
4.  When will you have local corn?
3.  Do you have local strawberries?
2. Where Are these tomatoes from?
1.  Are these tomatoes safe?

10.  Seven.
9.  In the basket right over there.
8.  No, we already donate to the food bank at the local Nazarene church.
7.  We give it to the pigs.
6.  About 20 lbs.
5.  Yes.
4.  It could be tomorrow, or two weeks from now.  No one knows for sure.
3.  You just missed them.  We had them during June.
2.  Mexico, California, and Canada.
1.  We wouldn't sell you bad tomatoes.


Anonymous said...

i thought for sure there would be something about "will you go to the movies with us?" in here.

My biggest question is always, "When's the best time to shop here for my best chance at getting Kutless' autograph?"

kylee said...

so awesome... i'm glad some pearsons are coming to support you on a weekly basis.
I was first reminded that I miss you, yesterday on my celly, then again reading this.thanks

i am Ryan said...

Chris, you know so much. I couldn't have answered any of those questions, and I'm the Business manager.

Claire said...

oh boy. this reminds me of my produce working days...

good times.

reed! said...

this is my favorite blog post i've ever read, by anyone. i read it like ten times.

ian said...

now i know who i should go to when i need to pick out a good watermelon.

iamryancork said...

I sold a couple bustomer cases yesterday, good thing I had my bustomer case inc. business cards on me.

Jolleen said...

This is really funny. I should come visit you. Fun seeing you last week!!!!! Surprised you haven't blogged about that exciting picture event yet!