Sunday, June 22, 2008

Being Open-Minded

People drive by Spicer Brother's Produce with their music blaring, and we dance.  If it's hip-hop, we groove and throw out "uhs" and "yeahs".  If it's techno, we roxbury that ish.  If it's metal, we throw up our rock fists.  And mostly, we laugh.

However, I am sure that the drivers of said cars would be offended to know we poke fun at their loud music.  And thinking this, I turn to a co-worker and say, "People take their music too seriously."

But who am I?

The next day, same co-worker claims that Matchbox 20 might be the best example of a rock and roll band in the industry today.  Same co-worker claims that Jack Johnson might be the best musician overall in the industry today.  And I scoff.

I claim that I don't want to talk about music and movies with friends because we always boil blood.  We can't keep calm and we can't appreciate any opinions except our own.  But I always get caught up in it.

I sit on my high throne, king of all music.  I only listen to good music.  I don't listen to jack johnson anymore because he's cliche.  I won't argue with you.  Not because I respect your opinion, but because you're inferior opinion isn't worth my time.

How could I hate a person, a good friend, who listens to bad (opinion) music?  Would I really let music get in the way of a relationship?  I can't believe I ever let myself become this person.  I apologize.

From now on, you can listen to what you like, and I'm gonna love you for it.  If it makes you happy, then listen, listen!  And I will join you.


Anonymous said...

good chris.

i always thought music was like fruit.

you like apples.
i like oranges.

but it's all fruit.

some of it is bruised and rotten. some of it is sweeter, or riper, but at the end of the day - it's still fruit.

and we love fruit.

and it keeps the doctor away.

ian said...


just kidding.

iamryancork said...


kylee said...

it's so easy to be open-minded about your music chris....because it's good music.
i'm glad you want to talk about music again.i'm liking the hot chip
and nice freiburghaus, ryan.

Darren said...

when I read that statement about matchbox 20 being the best example of rock in the music industry, I could feel my heart beating faster in opposition. Do I need to see a shrink?

Anonymous said...

when i read phil's comment about fruit, i felt my blood boiling. Do i need a shrink?

kylee said...

chris, my mom just said in our hotel room, and quote, " Chris hasn't written very much for being alone this summer."

GT said...

This brings up memories of a crazy discussion we had last summer in CO Springs! Do you remember that? Anyway...