Wednesday, June 4, 2008

In The Morning

Right now I am sitting in my dad's chair using his laptop computer. My mom is making breakfast behind me in the kitchen. My shift at work starts at 10:30, which is the latest shift possible without being a closer. Shifts that go into the late afternoon are always slow and boring; everything usually gets done by about 4:00. I won't get off until 7:00, which means I will most likely be standing behind the cash register for hours, or walking back and forth around the store looking for something to do. I wouldn't necessarily mind having this later shift on any other day, but I would have really liked to watch the hockey game on at 5:00.

I was looking out the living room windows at my backyard earlier this morning. It is nearly 90% green. the other 10% accounts for the back patio and the brown trucks of the green-leaved trees. I have said this to many people recently, but one of my favorite things about the Portland area is not only the green, but the different shades of green. Anywhere you look there are multiple types of trees and bushes and grass, all with their unique blend of blue and yellow. It has to rain a lot for this to happen, but I think it's worth it.

My mom just put a plate of eggs and toast on the table, and it's starting to get cold.

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kylee said...

mmm, i want to look out that window again, actually here yesterday I heard many times, "It's like we're in the real northwest today". it was green and lush and rainy with nice sun here and there...i don't like being at work when you're missing out on something...sorry when are you going to post about your girlfriend?