Thursday, June 5, 2008

Following My Dreams

It should be no secret that I really like hockey.  Many of my friends know this due to the time I spend watching and talking about hockey.  Over the past year, hockey has become a passion for me.  I love the whole idea of the sport; the skill, the honor, the teamwork, the dedication, and the prestige of it all.  I have dreams about playing on the ice with my favorite players.  And I have never played a game in my life.

It may sound weird to many people that one of my passions is hockey when I have never played.  Well, I want to change that.  At the end of this year of school, we were asked to write a short paragraph describing what we would do after college.  I wrote that I would either become a writer or a professional hockey player.  Most people laughed.  I'm serious.

Today at work, I couldn't stop thinking about hockey, and how badly I want to play.  I know that I did not grow up with a hockey stick always in my hand like many professional players.  I didn't play in school.  I didn't play in college.  I don't have the experience.  But I believe there are three things required before a person can become a professional hockey player.  Skill, knowledge of the game, and passion.  I have two out of the three, and I am determined to reach the third.

I'm not exactly sure what this means.  At work, thoughts of moving to Canada crossed my mind.  Thoughts of finding a job at a small ice rink and skating every day went through my head.  I've thought about this a lot.  I don't have any times or dates set.  The only thing I know for certain right now is if I never follow this dream, if I never at least try, I will be a disappointment to myself.  I don't like to have regrets, and I am sure this will become one if I ignore it.

I can see myself playing hockey for the rest of my life and being happy.  But when, and where do I start?  How far should I follow this dream?


Anonymous said...

i'm dead serious about this: Let's get street hockey stuff. At least a cheap stick and puck and wear tennis shoes...

i don't know if i want to spring for rollerblades...

Man, you know I'm going to hate it when you leave, no matter where you go--but i want to be apart of this dream as much as i can be and most importantly support you however i can.
much love.

ian said...

step 1: learn to skate. you gotta have mad skating skillz to play hockey.

step 2: buy the shit. you gotta have some expensive equipment for hockey.

step 3: bang your head against a metal door to lower your i.q. 20 points. to be a hockey player, you gotta be dumb as a post.

step 4: sign up for a league down at valley ice. get some playing time in.

step 5: kidnap gary bettman and use him as leverage to get drafted onto a team.

Peter Roy said...

let me know when you go... i'll go with you.

kylee said...

wow! I believe the things you say, but I am surprised! sorry i was working today when you called...i'll try tomorrow!