Monday, May 19, 2008

A Little Mood Music

Is the mood I'm in affected by the music I listen to, or do I choose music based on the mood I'm in?  I think most people will sit down at their computer or car and pick songs that would best accompany how they are feeling at the moment.  If I want to relax and take it easy, I might choose Fruit Bats.  If I'm feeling energetic, I might choose Chromeo.  There's an argument for hearing a exciting song on the radio or in a store and being affected, but my money is on the mood changing the music choice.

And so much more than just mood changing choice; who I am changes the experience I have with the music.  200 people standing together at a small concert venue can hear the same song and simultaneously experience 200 different emotions.  It's not the music, it's the people.  An album isn't complete when it is finally produced, printed, wrapped, and placed on the shelve.  It's complete (and yet ever-growing/changing) when people listen to it and give themselves to it.  It's collaborative; we're all a part of it.

This is why I love creativity!  Music, films, paintings, novels; past all of the money, there's a reason these are all mass-distributed.  Songs must be heard, movies must be seen, paintings must be viewed, books must be read to exist, to serve their purpose.  And discussion fuels the fire.  It all boils down to the basic human desire to be involved, to be included, to contribute, to be recognized, to have value!

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