Monday, May 12, 2008

Home in Oregon

After spending a week in Nampa after graduation I am now back home in Oregon.  The reason I stayed in the was for a job interview, but I'm glad I stayed for other reasons.  I got to spend a lot of time with some awesome people; Katie, Kylee, Jenna, Mike, Ryan, and Kenton.  And I was able to relax and enjoy life in Nampa without all the usual added stress.

I can't think of a better way I could have ended the week either.  Thursday night Katie and I went on a date.  We went to dinner, coffee, and a movie (classic date style).  I had a great time, and it really was the perfect last night in town.  The next day before I left I had lunch with Katie and then stopped by the Brass Razoo to say goodbye to Kylee.  It really is goodbye for a long time too, since she's moving to Kansas.  I'm going to miss her when she's all the way over in the midwest.

The best thing happened right before I left town.  I got a drink at the flying m before heading out of town, and the lady right behind me stepped up to the counter and said, "Are you ready for me?" to the barista.  They said yes, and then she said the best possible thing she could have said: Six-Shot Mondo Mars Bar.  It was like the end of a book or movie, where a ridiculous moment from the past is linked back to the end of the book, and the last sentence or line hits you when you're least expecting it.  But it's the perfect ending.  I would explain further, but my cousin and I are leaving right now to go to a movie.

Next post: How Oregon is different than Idaho.


Claire said...

I HATE 6 SHOT MARS BAR MONDO LADY!!!!!! oh my goodness... worst thing i've ever had to experience.

kylee said...

i love your ending in town and will shout to oregon city, asking if you're ready for me when exiting next.
oooh i like the preview into the next post and there's added accountability in the prompt for yourself to write soon. nice.
thanks for hanging out! i'll hang out with katie soon for you
and i had a fabulous grilled on the barb steak last night, i'll have to tell you what else i tried too.
(too long of a comment.sorry)

Anonymous said...

OH SHooT!!!!!! I am so glad i never have to make that stupid drink ever again...

No joke--EVERY stinking time she walks up to the counter--"Are you ready for me?" (always with the same stupid smirk on her face) and orders that ridiculous drink.

jeffrey chan said...

i NEED a 3 shot, chocolate moe-cha with cherry...oh, and in a cup with ice.

Peter Roy said...

i like your blog... you should keep writing!

ian said...

i've never met six-shot-mars-bar-mondo-lady, but claire has told me about her many times.

she is a legend in my mind.