Friday, May 16, 2008

Before I Go To Bed (Version 2)

I've been pretty skeptical of this whole coming back home and working for my dad business.  I was against it for a long time, because I wanted proof that I went to college.  After spending four years in Idaho, now where am I?  In the same town, same house, working the same job, with some of the same people.  Not much has changed.  I've been taking steps to make these changes though.

This summer, my old bedroom will be turned into another guest room.  I don't even sleep in it now; the bed in my brother's old room is more comfortable than mine.  Anyways, I've been sorting out and getting rid of most of the junk that has sat waiting for me in my room for four years.  My mom has bought a new bedspread, and once we paint over the two-tone blue paint job that I chose five years ago, there won't be much left to remind me of my old self.  And that's the way I like it.  I need proof.

Not the kind of proof that everyone older than me keeps thrusting upon me.  Just because I'm out of college now doesn't mean that I have to get a job.  For me, it almost means the opposite.  I need some time.  Sure a job would be nice, but I just need time, you know?  I can work for the rest of my life until I've work myself tired, but why start now?

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